It’s not unusual when we heard that parents would want their kids to learn how to play musical instruments when they are very young. One of the most selected instruments parents want their kid to learn, is the violin!

With so many instruments to choose from, you may wonder why so many parents chose to let their kids learn the violin. If you’re a parent, and still wondering if your kids should pick up the violin, then this article is for you.

Learning how to play the violin trains one in many life areas, other than just learning music. Here are 5 reasons why you should let your kid learn how to play the violin.

5 Reasons To Let Your Kid Learn Violin

1. Violin playing teaches discipline.

Discipline is one area all parents would want to inculcate in their kids from young. And the great news is that learning the violin could do the job for you. For every kid when they started learning the violin, their violin teachers would want them to practice the violin regularly to improve their skills.

And practice needs discipline too!

If kids learn how to set aside time every day to practice the violin, they will learn how to manage time when they grow up. They will be disciplined to put in time and effort to accomplish anything they want in the future.

2. Violin playing teaches patience.

We all know kids are impatient. If they want something, they don’t want it tomorrow, or next week. They want it NOW!

But we know they have to learn how to be patient over time. Violin playing teaches that.

When you’re learning the violin, you will learn that you will not be able to master a song on day one. Even if you’re a very skilled violinist, you might still need some time to master the whole piece. That’s where patience comes in. You can’t rush through mastering a piece. It takes time. And this is where you learn to be patient with your progress.

3. Violin playing teaches self-confidence.

Learning how the violin is not complete, if it is not shared with other people! As your kid learns the violin, he will have the opportunity to perform solo, or as an orchestra. In either case, he is building his self-confidence by performing for others.

Exposing your kids to opportunities to perform since young, will prepare him for bigger stages in the future.

Even if he might not be a world-renowned violinist next time, don’t you would still like him to be a person full of confidence?

4. Violin playing builds relationships

While many parents thought that it’s the role of the kid to learn violin well, it’s not. They play an important role in determining the success of their kids too! As parents encourage their kids to play the violin, they also foster better family bonding and cohesion.

The kid would also love to see that his family is appreciative of his violin playing, and would be motivated and encouraged to perform more. Family cohesion and relationships are somethings that money can’t buy, but you can build them by letting your kid learn the violin.

5. Violin playing builds your kid.

As you have read so many benefits the violin brings, indeed, it can help building up your kid. Many research and studies show that most kids who pick up music from young are perform better in the society when they grow up.

Further research also shows that kids who learn music from young are better in mathematics, and often score better in examination than their peers. When your kid pick up a skill of violin playing, he also received many life skills which build him up as a great person in society.

The above reasons are not exhaustive in explaining the benefits of letting your kid learn the violin. There are many more benefits the violin can bring to your child. However, the 5 reasons may be strong enough to help you decide if your kid should learn the violin!


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