Who doesn’t love antique violins?

Antique violins, to every musician and collector, is something they would always like to have. However, we also do know that they are not easy to come by! These violins may be in the world for hundreds of years, but many of them have fetched millions of dollars in public auctions.

Now, don’t you like to own one?


Values Of Antique Violins Today

Violins came into the world back in the 16th century, when it had its first violin maker in history, Andrea Amati, in the 1500s. In the 17th century, we had famous violin makers, Antonio Stradivari and Andrea Guarneri, each with their own unique craftsmanship of violins.

The antique violins made by them are highly valuable in today’s market. The violins were unique in their own way. Amati’s violins are gilded with the Coat of Arms of French Court, Stradivari’s violins made his best violins during his ‘golden period‘ of between 1700 to 1725. Guarneri’s engraved every of his violin with his initials, ‘del Gesu‘ on it.

While antique violins have been in existence for centuries, some of them were owned and played by famous violinists.
This too explains the million-dollar price tags the antique violins command.

Some of the rare violins played by famous violinists includes:

Famous Makers Of Antique Violins

Amati, Stradivarius and Guarneri violins are the most famous antique violins exists today. There are also other famous violin makers who came after them, but the workmanship and exquisiteness couldn’t come close to the masters of violin making. Many of the antique violins today are either owned by music foundations who loaned out these rare violins to promising young violinists, bought by rich families who collect as prized possessions, or owned by professional violinists.

Every year, some of the violins will be held up in public auctions where musicians and collectors from all over the world will come to know of this antique violin. Some will bid it live, while some will bid it anonymously over the phone. Some violins are also auctioned at high prices to fund for certain causes.

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Million-dollar Antique Violins

Currently, the world’s most expensive violin is the Lady Blunt Stradivarius, who fetched a new world record price of US$16 million in a 2011 public auction.

While some antique violins have traded hands several times in history and breaking records one after the other, there are some violins which are being kept for exhibition and never been played or sold.

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