The Carrodus Guarneri Violin is named after one of its owners, 19th century British violinist John Tiplady Carrodus (1836-1895). The Carrodus Guarneri is described as “one of the finest violins” made by famous violin maker Guarneri . An interesting fact about the “Carrodus” is it was made from the same tree as as other Guarnerius violin known as the II Cannone.

Since January 2007, the violin is in the hands of Australian Chamber Orchestra’s artistic director Richard Tognetti. It is currently valued at US$10 million.

When interviewed by the ABC, Tognetti said that “It hasn’t got the elegance and finesse that are the hallmarks of Stradivarius, rather, it’s got this impetuousness about it – it’s darker, it’s richer, it’s more like a human voice.”

Carrodus Guarneri The Carrodus Guarneri. Credit: LeroyDouglasViolins

Past Carrodus owners includes Ossy Renardy, a 33-year-old violinist who was killed in a car crash in the US in 1953. The violin was unscathed when recovered from the accident. The violin was also said to be played by Paganini and of course, its original owner Carrodus, who was considered one of the best violinists of the Victorian era.


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