Clean the violin bow? Is that necessary?

The answer is Yes!

The violin bow is plays a major role in our violin playing, and we violinists should play our part in keeping our bow clean for playing too. But don’t worry too much. Cleaning the violin how is not difficult, and not costly too.

When we clean the violin bow, our purpose is to clean the bow hair, by removing the rosin powder from the hair. We will also clean the inner part of the bow, which is usually stained with rosin.


What You Need…

1. a small amount of denatured alcohol

2. A container

3. A toothbrush

4. A soft cloth

How To Clean The Violin Bow Hair In 3 Min


Tips when you clean the bow and hair

The denatured alcohol is used to dissolve the rosin in the bow hair, thus cleaning up the bow hair.

However, the alcohol can dissolve the varnish of the bow wood too. Hence, keep the wood away from the alcohol, when the hair is cleaned.

To clean the bow wood, simply use a polishing solvent to clean it. Clean water may help too.

Wear gloves to protect your hands. The alcohol may hurt your fingers, especially if you have open wounds.

Important: Never wash the bow hair with denatured alcohol too many times. You will dry up the hair, and damage it.

Cleaned your violin bow? Now it’s time to clean your violin too!

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