As a music teacher and lover myself, I know music can bring a lot of benefits to someone’s life. I know it because it has benefited me in many ways. I don’t know how to put it all down in words, but I can say music has helped me to become a more patient, disciplined, and smart person (sorry if I sound boastful, but can I say I’m a little bit smart in math? :P)

Hence, when people asked me about the benefits of music, I always shared with them how it has benefited me, and I also encouraged them to pick up music, either by appreciating it, or learning how to create it – through learning of a new instrument.

Many of my friends went on to learn music. Some learn how to play the piano, the violin, the guitar, or any instruments of their choice. Some also learn to sing. Whatever it is, as long as they learn music, I’m happy because they are gaining a lot from it!

Through my recommendation, many parents have also started to let their kids learn music at a young age to get them started on the right track. Not so much of attaining music qualifications, but more of receiving the benefits of music early from the start of their life.

What are the exact benefits of music?

I have found a superb info graphic to explain this to you. It lays down the science and psychology behind music, and the proven results that have seen how music impacted our lives.


The Psychology of Music

If this info graphic gives you insight to how music helps you, do share it with your fellow music (and non-music) friends too!