The violin is a wonderful instrument played by people all over the world. Parents would love to send their little kids to music lessons to pick up violin at a young age. Some may wish to become a famous violinist, but some would just love to learn the violin, so they can play their favorite song.

But one question that is always brought up by prospective violin students: “It is too late for me to learn the violin?”

Students who ask these questions are usually in their twenties, or their adulthood, and may fear that they might not be learning as fast and playing as well as students who learn from young.


Is it too late to learn the violin?

Credit: Shane’Stuff

As a violin teacher, I have taught violin students ranging from 5 years olds to a mother of 2 children. Based on my experience in teaching them, age might not be an important factor in the learning of the violin. That said, I can say it is never too late to learn the violin.

There are benefits for learning the violin at a younger or older age.

By starting to learn the violin young, you have enough time for the child to learn and develop his skills. Unlike an adult, a young violin student has less responsibilities and thus, can have more time to practice and play the violin. A young student can also learn better as a young mind is more susceptible to learning.

Technicalities wise, fingers tend to be more flexible at a younger age than older. The finger movements are more mobile and stretchy than older ones. Hence, it’s easier to young students to pick up some violin positions than older ones.

However, all these does not mean it is late to learn violin at a later age. An adult can learn faster than a young one, given that he can understand the lesson better, and may communicate well with the tutor during class. An adult will tend to ask more questions and clarify doubts than a child.

Adult learners also have longer concentration span than young children, who tend to get distracted or tired very easily during lessons. That is also why it is recommended that violin lessons for young children should not last more than 45 minutes.

In all, we can see there are both advantages for learning the violin at different ages, and it is never too late to learn and play the violin well. What’s more important is the passion and the love for violin music, which will keep the student learning and playing for long.


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