“Am I too old to learn music? “

“I’m 20 years old now, I think I’m slow in learning music. Kids learn faster! “

“I don’t think I can play as well as those kids. They start at 3, I start at 30!”

In my years of teaching violin, these are some of the questions adult learners ask me when they enquire about lessons.

These are common questions.

Afterall, if you do a search on famous musicians, their profiles will always highlight the age they started music.

And if we do a search…

Vanessa-Mae starts lesson at 3.




Famous Dutch violinist Andre Rieu starts lessons at 5.


Andre Rieu


Even my favorite YouTube violinist Lindsey Stirling starts at 6.


Lindsey Stirling


If you look at these stats, you would have given up learning music when you’re 7.

And this is the big reason that stop people from learning music! They thought that to learn music well, they have to start young! (And young may means under the age of 7, not 10 years old!). Anyway, I have quash the myth in my article here.

But today, I want to say i’m quite proud of my student, Rini. She is a mum of 4 teenagers. We started lessons in 2013¬†and yesterday she took her first ever exam, at Grade 2.


From Left: Rini, Valerie (Pianist), Me!

Imagine the stress of taking care of the family, and practicing for exams at the same time…

Imagine the stress of going into the examination room, and realise the candidate before you is a 10 years old girl taking Grade 7.

But I told her that playing the violin is not about competition. It is not to see who can achieve the highest grade by a certain age.

It’s about progression. As long as you’re better than yesterday, you’re a winner already.

So what’s next for her?

A stage performance? More exams?

It’s up to her. As long as she is happy!

Is she late in starting violin? Probably yes.

Can she learn and play the violin well? Definitely yes!

“20% of kids learn to play music. 70% of adults wish they had.”

If you really want to learn an instrument, you don’t have to start early.

You just have to start.


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