Pirastro Oliv violin strings are gut core strings, and is considered by many to be the best gut strings ever in the market.


About Pirastro Oliv Violin Strings

Pirastro Oliv violin stringsThe Pirastro Oliv violin strings, being in the market for over 40 years, remained as one of the best strings ever produced. The strings are recognized by the ‘stiff‘ ruby-coloured peg ring. This premier gut core strings are known for its brilliant, beautiful, complex and rich sound, with its tonal quality unsurpassed by any other strings. They sound brilliant than Eudoxa, and have a faster break-in time than other gut core strings.

The Pirastro Oliv violin strings – the G and E strings are wounded with gold alloy and plated with gold respectively. The gold-plated E, though steel, fully compliments this full of of superior gut core strings by providing an exceptionally bright and responsive high register treble.

Pirastro Oliv also comes with a D string of different make – silver winding gut core, instead of the gold-aluminum winding in the original set. The silver winding D string gives a brighter and a more powerful and brilliant sound, in addition to its fast response.

Some of the most celebrated violinists in the world use and recommend the Pirastro Oliv violin strings.


Buying Pirastro Oliv Violin Strings

In the original set of Pirastro Oliv violin strings, you will find:

– Gold-Silver Winding Gut Core G string

– Gold-Aluminum Winding Gut Core D string

– Aluminum Winding Gut Core A string

– Gold-plated Steel E string (ball/loop end)

For a better silver winding D string – brighter, powerful brilliant sound – you can purchase it separately from the set. They are available in different gauges. So do buy the right one.

Gut core strings are considered the most expensive strings type, compared to synthetic and steel core. Pirastro Oliv violin strings may also cost higher than other gut core string. But if they are a perfect fit for your violin, and produce the excellent sound you’re looking for, it will be a great buy.

While expensive, it does cost cheaper if you buy them online, than your local violin store. Get further discounts by shopping online too!


Pirastro Oliv 4/4 Violin Set


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