Pirastro Passione violin strings are new gut core strings which are said to come with the best of both worlds – Gut tone complexity with reliable tuning. They are one of the new type of gut core strings in the market!


About Pirastro Passione Violin Strings

Pirastro Passione Violin StringsThe Pirastro Passione violin strings are known for its full, colorful, noble and warm core sound. If you are looking for a full complex sound in a gut core strings, Pirastro Passione can be the choice for you. What makes them better than other gut core strings, is their ease in tuning, and quick response time. It is playable once it is fixed onto the violin.

Other than the original Pirastro Passione, Pirastro came up with its ‘Solo‘ version. The Pirastro Passione Solo violin strings are made to produce a soloistic tone with a radiant overtone spectrum – just what most soloist are yearning for. The Solo has an extended range of dynamics, coupled with a beautiful sound and strong power and brilliance. Similarly, it has near-zero break in time!

Pirastro Passione violin strings also boast increased tuning stability, compared to other gut core strings in the market.


Buying Pirastro Passione Violin Strings

In an original set of Pirastro Passione violin strings, you will find:

– Gut Core, Silver Winding Ball-end G String

– Gut Core, Silver Winding Ball-end D string

– Gut Core, Aluminium Winding Ball-end A string

– Steel E string (ball/loop end)

A set of Pirastro Passione Solo strings will have the same make and materials as the Pirastro Passione strings, but they can be identified by their ‘large blue peg ring‘.

The Pirastro Passione strings might cost slightly higher than other string type, but one who have played with them would say that the quality of sound and tone produced far outweighs the price. They can be one of the best buys you made for gut strings.

Get your Pirastro Passione violin strings online, as they will cost much cheaper than the local music store. Shop online for further discounts too!


Pirastro Passione Set

Pirastro Passione 4/4 Violin String Set

Pirastro Passione SOLO Set

Pirastro Passione SOLO Violin String Set


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