Pirastro Violino violin strings are new strings in the market, and are designed to be a top quality school string. They feature a new type of synthetic fiber core, which is also seen on Evah Pirazzi and Obligato strings.


About Pirastro Violino Violin Strings

Pirastro Violino Violin StringsPirastro Violino strings, with a synthetic core, produce very warm, smooth and round sound. They exhibit low tension, and easy playability. The strings are easy to handle, and are best suited for student violinists. The Pirastro Violino strings in the set are well-balanced and very stable. They are also resistant to changes in temperature and humidity.

With quick response, the new Violino strings settle into violins fast, a quality which favor many student violinists.

If you’re looking for student violin strings which produced warm and round tone, which are missing in most steel core strings, then Pirastro Violino violin strings are highly recommended.


Buy Pirastro Violino Violin Strings

Pirastro Violino violin strings set comes in different lengths to suit almost all violin sizes. A set of Pirastro Violino violin strings include:

– Silver Synthetic G

– Silver Synthetic D

– Aluminium Synthetic A

– Steel Ball/Loop-end E

Pirastro Violino strings are priced reasonably and affordable for student violinists. Buy your Pirastro Violino strings online, which will be much cheaper than your local violin store. Get further discounts too!


Pirastro Violino 4/4 Violin String Set


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