Are you looking for Sad Romance Violin Cover and violin sheet music so you can play on your violin? Sad Romance is a music piece by Thao Nguyen Xanh, and it is said to be featured in a few works, including Final Fantasy X. The song is a slow and somewhat emotional and sad song. If you are looking to perform or play a sad song on violin, then do consider Sad Romance violin cover.


Sad Romance Violin Cover

There are many recordings of the original Sad Romance song. However, if you do decide to play Sad Romance on your violin, the video below shows you how you can do it. Simply play along the notes with the piano background accompaniment.

The violin cover is uploaded on YouTube, titled: “Sad Romance Violin Cover



Sad Romance Violin Sheet Music

As this is a very famous song, is there violin sheet music available so that you can also play on your violin? Yes! I have attached the Sad Romance violin sheet music below. Note that the violin sheet music below is purely a sheet for violin only. Hence there are no piano accompaniment parts on it.

If you want to play Sad Romance along with the piano background, good rhythm counting along with the flow of music helps. You can also play alongside the piano recording too.

Click on the link, or image below to download the violin music sheet.

Note: I do not own the rights of this music sheet.

Sad Romance Violin Sheet Music

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sad romance violin sheet music


Any Questions on Sad Romance Violin?

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