Every violin enthusiast who is mesmerized by the violin music the violinist played on stage, would love to mastered the violin one day. They would love to play that same melodious music, and just be like that violinist, charm the audience.

The Red Mendelssohn Violin

While the violinist made violin playing so easy on stage, many would claim many reasons why the violinist can play so well. Is it that he is using a famous and expensive violin? Or exceptional violin strings? Or he’s naturally gifted?

There can be many claims, but in actual fact, it takes more than all those claims to achieve high level of violin playing.

I believe if you’re on this page, you are a violinist yourself, or hope to be one in the future. And I would definitely hope you can play your favorite violin music, and charm the audience from stage one day!

To help you, I would like to share with you what are the important keys to achieve violin playing success. Here’s the 3 keys for you.


1. Practice

You would probably hear your violin teachers say that word more than a 100 times. And wonder why do they keep telling you to practice? Because its practice which bring them from a normal violin player to a skilled n teacher!

However, as students, we all know that ‘practice’ can be an annoying word. We sometimes procrastinate to practice. But if you really want to reach the top level of violin playing, practice is the way to go.

How to cure your procrastination to practice violin? Make practice enjoyable! I personally make my practice short and meaningful. I only practice a maximum of 30 minutes per session, and focus on one set of skills only. That’s all. 2 hour of continuous practice kills.

With this, you will not be stressed and tired out after practice. Instead, you might feel more motivated to practice more!


2. Don’t play alone.

Violin is a really fascinating instrument that allows you to play with 2 or more people! Hence, find another violin friend to play along with you! Or join an orchestra!

Playing the violin alone will restrict your growth potential, as you lack a yardstick to measure your violin skills. By playing with a partner, or in an orchestra, the other violin players will pull you up to match their violin skill level, and you also know where you stand among them.

In this encouraging and uplifting environment, you will be motivated to improve your violin playing, and hence, raise your overall standard too! What’s more, a violin is not made for it to play solo only! Getting someone else to play with you will keep you motivated to play more!


3. You must have a violin tutor

This is one of the biggest mistake I had in my violin learning. After achieving my Grade 8 in Violin playing, I thought that I had learn enough to learn on my way.

Indeed, I do pick up songs and pieces, and played with ease, but I also realized that there’s a glass ceiling that restricts my upward improvement in violin skills! And that’s where I realized I really need a violin tutor to push me through this ceiling, to reach a higher level.

So please, don’t make the same mistake as me. We always need a violin tutor besides us to help us see our own blind spots in violin playing. Only with them, then we can push through the glass ceiling, and have a new breakthrough in our violin playing.

Remember, no matter how high you go, you always need a violin tutor, mentor or instructor beside you.


There you go, the 3 keys to violin play success. Keep in mind these 3 tips the next tip you pick up the violin. I would definitely love to see you up on stage, and like one of the famous violinists, enchant the audience with your lovely violin music!


P.S. Now it’s your turn! Do share with us some important violin playing tips that help to bring you to where you are today!


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