Zlatko Balokovic was a violinist from Croatia. While he had a bright violin music career, he was also involved in political activism during World War II.

Background of Zlatko Balokovic

Zlatko Balokovic was born in 21 March, 1895, in Zagreb, Croatia – then was part of Austria-Hungary. He started his violin lessons at the age of 10. He was such a bright and fast learner in violin studies that he was sent to Prague three years later to continue his studies. He furthered his studies under famous Czech violinist and teacher, Otakar Sevcik.

In 1913, the popular and excellent Zlatko Balokovic was invited to play with the Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. He married in 1926, and toured with his wife around the Europe continent for live performances, mainly for the continent’s royalty.

Balokovic was known to play on the “Lord Wilton” Guarneri antique violin from 1952 to 1961. The Lord Wilton was also famous violinist Yehudi Menuhin’s favorite instrument.


Achievements by Zlatko Balokovic

The only known achievement of Zlatko Balokovic was his success in the annual Austrian “Staatspreis” , which he soon made artistic tours to Berlin, Vienna, and Genova.

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Interesting Facts of Zlatko Balokovic

Other than just being a violinist, Balokovic was involved in many political activities during World War II. He chaired six organizations : the Yugoslav Division of the US Treasury War Bond Drives, the Russian War Relief’s Nationalities Division, the United Committee of South Slavic Americans, the American Slav Congress of Greater New York, the American Croatian Congress, and the American Committee for Yugoslav Relief.

In 1946, the couple returned to Yugoslavia as officials of the American Committee for Yugoslav Relief and were showered with national gratitude. Balokovic then gave 36 concerts and hundreds of speeches. He also came to personally know many high-ranking officials in the Yugoslav government.

Balokovic was awarded the Grand Cross of the Yugoslav Flag in recognition of his artistic and humanitarian achievements benefitting nations.


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