If you ask me who is the violinist that I listened most today, then it got to be Lindsey Stirling. If you love violin, I’m sure you would have watched her videos. If you love her music, then you would be watching her videos everyday. If you play violin, you would have bought her music books. That’s me! I watch her videos since 2011, and never stopped watching her music videos since then. I also bought two of her most popular violin sheet books shipped all the way from US via Amazon. With the violin sheets, I also played out her music! I have played her popular rendition of River Flows In You.
Ever since Lindsey has gained her fame from YouTube (with over 6 million subscribers to date!), she has held concerts all over US and Europe (as far as I know then). And then I’m from Singapore, a country in Southeast Asia. (Some facts of Singapore if you never heard of this country before: We are the most expensive city to live in, we have world’s highest paid politicians. And we are not part of China.) Jokes aside, Singapore is quite far from the US where Lindsey gained her fame. However, the more she danced and shuffled to more pop songs, the more she played with John Legend, the more friends I know who never played or listened to violin music, become her fans! Hence, when Lindsey announced that she will be going on a Asia Tour, with Singapore as one of its stops, I don’t want to know where/when the concert is. I just want to know when the ticket will start selling, and how I can purchase it. So, I have already purchased the tickets, and can’t wait to attend her concert on 3rd March 2015 (next week!)

Here’s the 3 reasons why I will attend Lindsey Stirling Concert in Singapore other than just her awesome violin music.

lindsey-stirling-singapore-concert 1. I’m a fan boy I don’t chase after many superstars or pop stars whom people go crazy over. I don’t have my favourite singers. I do have my favourite violinists – Hilary Hahn, Sarah Chang, David Garrett, and now, Lindsey is in the list! She can play the violin well. She can dance. Okay okay. I must say she is pretty cute looking too! 2. She’s in Singapore! When she held her concerts in Europe, I did thought of going to her concert if I were there for holiday. However, the chance never come. So until she come over, I will just watch her YouTube video and maybe follow her on Instagram. But she’s coming over now. I just got to be there! 3. Her rise to fame If you followed Lindsey, you knew she didn’t have an easy path to fame. She got criticised by the judges at America’s Got Talent (especially Piers Morgan) and got kicked out of the competition. However, since then, she never looked back. That’s why she is where she is today. It is her determination and perseverance that touched me and many others. Receiving criticism is never easy. It can crush someone, or rebuild some one. Lindsey took the criticism in her stride, and proved the judges wrong. She deserves our applause. And overall, she is just likeable. I don’t know her personally, but all her videos portray the bright side of her, her never-ending optimism, and her sparkling cheerfulness. So, will you be there with me to celebrate Lindsey’s rise to worldwide fame, and watch her play and dance live in front of your eyes? See you at the concert on 3rd March, MasterCard Theatres, Marina Bay Sands!