The Hammer Stradivarius was an antique violin made during Stradivari‘s golden years between 1700 to 1725. The 1707 Stradivarius was also auctioned at a world-record price in 2006 at Christie’s, at US$3.544 million, to an anonymous bidder.

The Stradivarius received its name “Hammer” from a 19th century Swedish collector, Christian Hammer, who is also the first recorded owner of the violin.

Hammer StradivariusHammer Stradivarius In Auction. Credit: The Age

Since then, the Hammer Stradivarius has changed hands with several owners. However, the anonymous bidder who bought it at the world-record price made the sale through the telephone. Prior to being sold, the previous owner bought it in 1992, but also declined to be named.

The million-dollar Hammer Stradivarius has been loaned to violinists for orchestral performance. One of them includes Kyoko Takezawa, a highly sought-after soloist with many of the world’s leading orchestras.

The US$3.544 million price tag of the Hammer Stradivarius toppled the record US$2.032 million price fetched by fellow Stradivarius, “The Lady Tennant” in 2005.


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